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Value Package

This (Makkah First) program is recommended for value-seekers ,second time travelers, individuals, and couples

Depart: July 21 , 2020

Return: August 7 , 2020

Total Number of Days : 18

Package Dates    
Makkah   Aziziah  Manasik    Madinah
1- 4 ZH 1441   4 -14 ZH 1441 8-13 ZH 1441   14-17 ZH
Package Hotels    
Makkah Hilton Towers   Madina Concord Hotel
Makkah Hilton Towers Concord Madinah
5-star Makkah Towers is overlooking the Makkah’s Holy Haram Mosque and the Kaaba.

Al Madinah Concord is a modern hotel close to Haram



    Ø  Round Trip Airfare JFK/JED/JFK.
    Stay in 5 Star Makkah Hilton Towers (facing Haram) hotel (1-4) Zulhijah with daily open breakfast & Diner buffet.
    Stay at Aziziah Apartment building from (4-14 ZH) with daily open breakfast & Diner buffet.
    Ø  stay at 4 Star (Madinah-close to Haram)Hotel (14-17) Zulhijah with two daily  open Buffet Breakfast & Dinner.
    Ø  AC regular tents at  Mena  (with 3 daily boxed  meals) & Arafat (one hot meal) with drinks.
    Ø  All land transportations in AC Buses.
    Educational program.
    Ø  Visit historical sites in Madinah.
    Ø  Makkah first program (Please check itinerary)
      Ø  Travel dates might slightly vary according to airline schedule adjustments.

    Ø  Hajj 2020 registration is underway. Please join us for 2020 hajj blessed journey.

Package details

 Hotels (Makkah)

                    Makkah Hilton Towers (1-4 ZH).

           Apartment Building (4-14 ZH).


                               Upgraded North American camp (8-13 ZH).

Hotels (Madinah)

                        Madinah Concord Hotel (14-17 ZH).



                      Late model Air-Conditioned Buses


                     Bilingual Imams


Prices are New York based. Extra charge for other cities

$7499* per person ( 2 Persons / Room)

$7495* per person ( 3 Persons / Room)

$6995 * per person ( 4 Persons / Room)

Please Note

*Prices are New York based. Extra charge for other cities and does not include:

1.       Hajj draft fee ($370-$495)

2.       If you performed Hajj in the last 3 years (2017 ,2018 and 2019), the Ministry of Hajj will charge a Hajj Visa fee ($535)Awaiting waiving by Haj Ministry-

3.       Sacrifice ($150)

4.       Domestic flight to international gateways.

5.Please note, KSA had implemented   a 5% VAT+ 5% Municipality Tax  as of January 2018 equals to $550.

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