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Budget Program (NO FRILLS)

This is a  Madinah  first   program  .

Depart: July 21 , 2020

Return: August 5 , 2020

Total Number of Days : 16

Package Dates
Madinah   Aziziah    Manasik    Makkah (Optional )*
1-5 ZH 1441   6-13 ZH 1441   8-13 ZH 1441   5* hotel After Hajj Extended Stay
22-26 July 2020   27 July- 05 August 2020   29 July-03 August 2020   14-20 ZH
Package Hotels
Saja Al-Madinah Hotel or Similar   Aziziyyah District
Saja Al_Madinah                        

Saja Al Madinah is a luxury and economical hotel located in the heart of the Holy city of Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Aziziyyah Apartment Hotel in the suburbs of Makkah. The Apartment Hotel in Aziziyyah is a clean and modern apartment building located very conveniently close proximity to Mina, in an area known as Shisha.


Ø Round Trip Airfare JFK /MED /JED / JFK.

Ø Madinah accommodation at Saja Al-Madinah Hotel (1-5 ZH).

Ø Makkah accommodation at Hotel style apartment building in Shisha area (6 -13 Zhul’ Hijjah).

Ø Building is available during Manasik time for relaxation and showering (short distance from Jamarat area, also available till departure dates.

Ø Exact number of days at the hotels depends on travel dates and Hijrah calendar.

Ø Hotel Daily open buffet breakfast & dinner during Madinah stay.

Ø Daily open buffet breakfast &dinner during Shisha Building stay (6, 7 & 13 ZH) (Makkah).

Ø Accommodations in upgraded regular North American Mina camp Air cooled tents (Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in Mena (Boxed meals)

Ø Accommodations in Arafat in North American tents (Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat (Boxed Meals + 1 Boxed meal for Muzdalifah).

Ø All land transportations in AC Buses.

Ø Visit historical sites in Madinah.

Ø Madinah first Program ............................................(Please check Itinerary)

Ø Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to the ever changing airline tax & fuel charges.

Ø Travel dates might slightly vary according to airline schedule adjustments..

Ø Educational program.

Ø Hurry! Limited seats. We were sold out a few months before hajj last year.

Ø Hajj 2020 registration is underway. Please join us for 2020 hajj blessed journey.

 Package details

Flights   Carriers will be announced in April
Hotels (Madinah) Saja Al-Madinah Hotel or Similar.(1-5 ZH).
Accommodation Makkah    Hotel style  Apartment building located in Shisha (6-13 ZH) .
Transportation Late model Air-Conditioned Buses.
Manasik North American upgraded Camps.(8-13 ZH).

Bilingual Imams















Prices are New York based. Extra charge for other cities

$8495* per person ( 2 Persons / Room) Madinah Only

$7495* per person ( 3 Persons / Room) Madinah Only

$6895 * per person ( 4 Persons / Room)


Please Note

*Prices are New York based. Extra charge for other cities and does not include:

1.       Hajj draft fee ($495).

2.       If you performed Hajj in the last 3 years ( 2017,2018 and 2019), the Ministry of Hajj will charge a Hajj Visa fee ($535)-Awaiting waiving by Haj Ministry-

3.       Sacrifice ($150)

4.       Domestic flight to international gateways

5.       Please note, KSA had implemented   a 5% VAT+ 5% Municipality Tax  as of January 2018 which is included .

6.     Extend your Makkah stay  (14-20 ZH) at a 5**** Hotel for an extra  $1200 Per Person-Return to USA 8/12/2020.


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